Not Homeless, persons


I hav problem with the labels or designation, I understand that in conversation a designation is necessary to define a group of people. Each individual fits different designations an a person is the sum of all those characteristics. This is important because when we are servicing a group of persons ,we must be aware that each one  is a PERSON, that a that moment is part of a group but still is an individual person. When I was helping give away bags of groceries to a line of homeless, I realize looking at theirs eyes the many causes and circumstances’ that bring a person to this line, that are strong enough to overcome the shame to beg for a bag of groceries. Giving a bag of groceries is an act  of  charity, but a temporary solution. o solve the underlying problems that make a person go to a food line. Just to mention a few, are mental health issues including addiction, and lack of self steam , educations etc.  .Some of these persons need urgent mental health care and that is were I am going to help int a program that I will be involved.

Street vendor in Hialeah


Today the City Council is schedule to vote in review  the regulations that apply to street vendors. This is an old issue that have two sides on one the right of the street vendor to make a living and on the others store owners that considers the street vendors an unfair completion since the vendors don’t have the operating expenses that the store owners have. For many years the City had regulations that give occupational licenses to the vendors and the rules of operation. But s non profit law firm  Institute for Justice has sue the City on parts of this ordinance. The Council will review the regulations  Plese attend the meeting if you have something to say on this. .



On 2013 in Miami Dade County there are going to be municipals elections in 15 of the 35 municipalities. Including the 3 major cities Miami, Hialeah, Miami Beach, if you are interested in running for office here are some useful advices

1- Get a copy of the city charter.

2- Get a copy of the budge.

3-Have a detailed knowledge off the geography of the city.

4- Have a comprehensive knowledge of the demographic of the city.

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