Not Homeless, persons


I hav problem with the labels or designation, I understand that in conversation a designation is necessary to define a group of people. Each individual fits different designations an a person is the sum of all those characteristics. This is important because when we are servicing a group of persons ,we must be aware that each one  is a PERSON, that a that moment is part of a group but still is an individual person. When I was helping give away bags of groceries to a line of homeless, I realize looking at theirs eyes the many causes and circumstances’ that bring a person to this line, that are strong enough to overcome the shame to beg for a bag of groceries. Giving a bag of groceries is an act  of  charity, but a temporary solution. o solve the underlying problems that make a person go to a food line. Just to mention a few, are mental health issues including addiction, and lack of self steam , educations etc.  .Some of these persons need urgent mental health care and that is were I am going to help int a program that I will be involved.