On 2013 in Miami Dade County there are going to be municipals elections in 15 of the 35 municipalities. Including the 3 major cities Miami, Hialeah, Miami Beach, if you are interested in running for office here are some useful advices

1- Get a copy of the city charter.

2- Get a copy of the budge.

3-Have a detailed knowledge off the geography of the city.

4- Have a comprehensive knowledge of the demographic of the city.


The national conversation on violence falls into the category of common sense.  The causes an solution are many and for the sake of conversation we may group them in three areas: regulation on fire arms as we regulate everything in a democracy, Get serious with mental health issues including addiction and have a serious look of our culture of violence in our movies, TV., music, games etc. n this opinion Maureen Dowd


From Apocalypse to Dystopia
The N.R.A. solves the puzzle on gun violence: it’s the media’s fault.



Hello world!


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